Gemfan EP 5x3 GWS Style ABS Propeller M5 (2pcs)

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High quality, durable and efficient propellers from GemFan


Part Number: GF-P050030EPA5


Product Description

Gemfan propellers are designed using CATIA and select airfoil profiles with low Reynolds number through the NACA airfoil profile database. The blades on these props feature an elliptical blade shape that produces a more uniform thrust distribution across the entire blade surface for maximum lift and thrust efficiency. The standard props are made from ABS plastic with a glass fiber fill for extra strength and durability, suitable for A2208, 2212, 2217 outrunner motors.

Gemfan GWS style propellers are Direct drive propellers and widely used on RC airplane. They are all well balanced from the factory and provide excellent and smooth power! Available in different sizes for planes and quad copters. These are high quality propellers, and come ready to fly! Comes with a standard 5mm hole, but can be reamed to fit adaptor size of your choice. Choose the right propeller for your motor!!

  • GWS style Elliptical shape leading edge
  • ABS plastic with Fiber fill
  • Factory balanced, ready to use
  • High quality, durable and efficient
  • Lightweight
Included with the package:
  • Gemfan EP 5x3 GWS Style ABS Propeller x 2


  • Material: ABS
  • Diameter: 5"
  • Pitch: 3"
  • Center Hole diameter: 5mm
  • Color: Orange


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