Many new Hyperion and MultiOne items. Check them out!

Hyperion New Items!!


MultiOne 12/15/20Amp ESC 2~4S 490Khz OPTO(BLHeli) 


The latest and greatest MultiOne ESC by Hyperion utilizes the most up-to-date ESC technologies, all compiled into a slim and sleek PCB package.

The MultiOne ESC offers ease-of-programming by being capable of connecting directly to your CleanFlight programmer. The MultiOne ESC is also flashed with the advanced BLHeli Version 14 firmware, which can support OneShot 125 function.

Coupled with the latest MOSFET technology and SiLAB MCU makes this MultiOne ESC a perfect choice for multirotors due to its extremely linear throttle response and fast timing.


M1-12ABLOPTO $14.95

M1-12ABLOPTOSET $55.95

M1-15ABLOPTO $15.95

M1-15ABLOPTOSET $57.95

M1-20ABLOPTO $16.95

M1-20ABLOPTOSET $59.95



NEW! 5X4  Four-Blade Prop(CW&CCW 2Pairs)




Four-blade propellers for multicopters is a new trend that gives the user unparalleled performance when compared to standard 2-blade props. 4 Blade props can provide more thrust and more “bite”, especially useful for powering through extreme maneuvers.

These 4-blade props come packaged as a pair of 2, with two CW rotation and two CCW rotation. There is a wide range of color options that can be mixed and matched to help with flight orientation.

There are 3 colors available, Green, Black and Orange.  $5.95 each



NEW!  Naze & CC3D Bluetooth Adapter(Android) 

The functional and useful Hyperion bluetooth programming adapter module is used to configure your Multiwii flight controller wirelessly from your Android device. You will need to download the Multiwii Configuration Android app to your mobile device to use this module.

The Hyperion Bluetooth adapter is compatible with MultiWii, Naze32, and CC3D flight controllers.



  • Read and Write PID settings from Flight Controller
  • Settings and switch adjustment for AUX1 and AUX2 channels
  • Monitor receiver signal and Flight Controller output signal
  • Monitor all sensors and GPS signal
  • Calibrate your Magnetometer and Accelerometer
  • Save and Read profile