If you're ordering from the USA, you are never charged sales tax - no matter which state you live in. Although there may be duties applicable to US orders over $400, we have never heard of a customer being charged duties for an order, even those over $400 in value, as our goods fall in a duty-free category, we understand.

Australia and New Zealand have duty-free limits of about US$200 , but depending on contents may be duty free even at higher dollar amounts, we understand.

For other countries, it will vary according to customs and tax regulations. Payment of any such duties and/or taxes will be the responsibility of the customer.
The maximum allowable duty-free value will vary from country to country, from as low as $20 up to $400 or more. We do not know what the rules are in your country, so ask your customs office, please.


All HYPERION packages are shipped through Fed Ex (or by ground services within Hong Kong) without a signature required and will be left at the address provided in your order.
If you require signature service for your shipment due to theft concerns you must write this in the note field below so that our shipping staff will be notified of your request.
Without this service being requested, HYPERION does not take responsibility for lost or stolen packages after they have left our warehouse. After shipment they become property of the purchaser and it becomes the purchaser’s responsibility to follow up withthe shipper concerning lost or stolen packages.

All Sales are FINAL without Right to Return.

If product is damaged in transit, contact your local FedEx office immediately to make a claim. HYPERION inspects, tests and charges every battery before shipment. HYPERION is not responsible for shipping damage, cannot help you with your FedEx claim, and will not issue returns for shipping damage claims.

Any and all Taxes, Duties, or other governmental or shipping related charges are strictly the responsibility of the customer. HYPERION will not issue refunds based on claims for these or other expenses.