G3, 120mAh 25C/45C 3.7V Single Cell M Type

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Part Number: HP-LG325-0120-1S-M


Product Description

"UM""type micro connector is attached to the cell, and mating connector (for ESC, charge harness, etc) is included They are in a wide/flat format as pictured, and will only fit selected Kyosho/Eflite models, in which the battery can be attached to model by hook and loop strap fastener.



  • Voltage(V): 3.7
  • Capacity(mAh): 120
  • DischargeWire Size: n/a
  • BalanceConnector: n/a
  • Disc. WireL(mm): n/a
  • DischargeConnector: PZ U-Micro
  • Length(mm): 32.3
  • Width(mm): 20.2
  • Height(mm): 3.7
  • Weight(grams): 4.26

"NOTE : These packs are intended for models from the Eflite UltraMicro and Kyosho Minium line, or similar homebuilts and micro flyers.


See the Manuals and Support Tab for more details for full specifications and usage guidelines.


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