Soldering Iron 30W DC 12V w/XT60 Connector (3S LiPo Powered)

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Product Description

This Hyperion 3S LiPo powered 30W Soldering Iron tool and is a great addition to your field box for on-site repairs.

Operating at 12VDC, this soldering iron can be powered by any standard 3S LiPo battery. It comes pre-fitted with an XT60 plug allowing you to easily connect to your Hyperion battery.

Remember the last time you were at the field and needed to make a quick repair - but no one had a soldering iron handy? Don’t worry, everyone has a 3S LiPo battery in their field box, so you'll always have power for your Soldering Iron! This tool is a must have for any flight box!



  • Operating Voltage: 11 ~ 13V DC
  • Power: 30Watt
  • Connector: XT60


Note: This Soldering Iron does not feature a low voltage cutoff circuit, so we recommend using a low voltage battery alarm to monitor the input battery to avoid over-discharging.


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