EOS 0840i 8S DC Charger (1000 Watt output)

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Part Number: HP-EOS0840i



Product Description

The Hyperion EOS 0840i 1000W DC Balance Charger/Discharger is for users demanding a “workhorse”, high-output DC charger capable of huge wattage for quick charge times.

The EOS0840i can charge up to 8S Lithium batteries with a maximum current of 40A. The EOS0840i is compatible with HvLi batteries, meaning now your capable of charging the next generation of G6 HvLi 4.35V Batteries. Not only does the Hyperion EOS 0840i offer a super high charge rate capability, it also boasts great features such as Store Mode, Cycle Mode, and 10 memory profiles and high power balancing.

What's more, users can also use it as a Lithium Battery Meter and Lithium Battery Internal Resistance Meter for checking your batteries milliohm readings. There are also built-in safety features such as Auto Charge Mode, Capacity Limit, and Time Limit.

The EOS0840i comes optimized to be used with our “EOS PC Tool” analyzing and charging software, giving you unparalleled ability to operate the charger through your computer. Now you can conveniently Charge, Discharge, monitor packs and view other data in real-time graphs all from your PC. You can even update your firmware all through the EOS PC Tool application too.

For users that have a Android or iOS smartphone you are in luck too, the EOS 0840i is also capable of being controlled through the “EOS Connect” APP. Just download the APP from online, connect the EOS 0840i Charger to the EOS Wifi Module (sold separate) and you are ready to charge! Never has been controlling or analyzing your charge data been easier, either at the field or home.


  • “EOS PC Tool” Charger Control Software: The “EOS PC Tool” software gives you unparalleled ability to operate the charger through your computer. You can monitor pack voltage, cell voltage and other data during charging. View your charge date in real-time graphs. You can initiate, control charging, and update firmware from the “EOS PC Tool” too.  (please install the PC tool to Local disk (D) , pleas don't install it to C.)
  • “EOS Connect WiFi Module”: Charge using your Android or iOS Smartphone. By connecting the “EOS Connect WiFi Module” to your EOS 0840i you can control charge rates, settings, and watch real-time data all from the convenience of your Android or iOS smartphone. (HP-EOSWIFIMOD sold separately)
  • Terminal Voltage Control (TVC): Terminal Voltage Control is the end-voltage of the pack when finished charging, users can change voltage settings of packs during charging. Recommended for expert use only.
  • Battery Internal Resistance Meter: The user may check each cell's individual internal resistance. This reading is in milli-ohm units.
  • LiPo Battery Meter: This useful feature give the user the ability to analyze the batteries total voltage and individual cells voltage



  • LiPo/LiFe/HvLi: 1-8 cells
  • NiMh/NiCd: 1-20 cells
  • Pb: 2-24 cells
  • Max Charge Current: 40A
  • Max Discharge Current: 8A
  • Max Charge Wattage: 1000W
  • Max Discharge Wattage: 80W
  • Max Cell Balance Current: 800mAh (per cell)
  • User Memory: 10 battery profiles
  • DC Input Voltage: 11-30V
  • Connection port for Temperature Sensor
  • USB Connection for "EOS PC Tool" software and firmware update
  • Optional EOS Connect WiFi module for smartphone APP control (iOS or Android compatible)
  • Battery Cycle Mode: Charge and Discharge your packs up to 5 times
  • Display Type: 2x16 LCD
  • Cooling System: Built-in fan x2pc
  • Case Size: 156x138x76mm
  • Weight: 1240g

Included in the package:

  • 1 x EOS 0840i 1000W Charger
  • 1 x 2-8S Multiple Balance Board Adapter
  • 1 x Insulated Banana to XT60 Battery Connector
  • 1 x Charging Cable with Insulated Banana Connector

Download Software:

  • Download the "EOS PC Tool" Software here
  • Download the Android APP here
  • Download the iOS APP here  


Caution :

When you charge the HV Lipo Batteries using Hyperion EOS Series Chargers, please choose the HVLI mode at Battery Types.
(You must NOT choose this (HVLI) mode for NORMAL Lipo Bateries. It’s dangerous and cause the fire by overcharge. )

Note: When you install the EOS PC Tool, you must install it on D: drive only, not C: Drive!



  • James Johnson

    Stopped working after 4 months, on startup complains that the external temperature is too high and will not charge Makes no difference if the external temperature sensor is connected or not.
  • Oliver Fischer

    Hi there, I used several Hyperion EOS 1420i NET3 chargers since years. Now I bought two Hyperion 0840 chargers. My first impression is very good, it is a very solid charger with modern features like regenerative discharge, high charging power up to 40 Amps and the ability to charge HV Lipos. The installed Firmware version is 1.08. After mailing to Hyperion admin it is the newest firmware available right now. After some tests I encountered the following problems which Hyperion should solve quickly in the next firmware update: 1.) Cooling fan control - Fans are VERY LOUD The is no intelligent cooling fan control. Oviously they switch on at some temerature und turn off again when temperature is below some value. BUT, there is no intelligent rotation speed control. So fans are really loud even though the internal temerature is still very low. Please implement a speed control which depends in the internal temperature. 2.) Input Voltage Control – Switch on charger – Big problem I often use 24 volt input at home and set up the cut off voltage to lets say 23 volt. When some day later I want to use 12 volt on the field upon switch on the loader claims about the low input voltage- you can not access the setup menu. There is now way to use the charger unless again you plug the charger to a 24 volt power supply und reduce the cut off voltage to something below the 12 volt. So in worst case you can not use the charger when there is now 24 volt power supply available. Please change this, in a way that the charger wont start charging when input voltage is below cut off voltage, but allow all menus to be used (especially allow to reduce the cut off voltage). 3.) Input voltage – Cut Off The EOS 0840 charger just ends the charging immediately when input voltage drops below the configured cut off voltage. Other chargers reduce the charging power so that the cut off voltage is not undercut. I like this much more, as the supply battery is just sensitive about undercutting the voltage, so you can continue charging with lower charging power and thus load more batteries on the field. Please change this. 4.) Default discharge voltage: The default discharge voltage is much to high, e. g. for Lipos it is 3.0 volt. At 3 volt Lipos are deepely discharged, which could destroy the cells. Please increase the default discharge voltage to the nominal cell voltage of the cell type (3.7 volt for a Lipo). Also you should allow higher discharge voltages (now highest value is 3.7 volt for Lipo, please allow up to 4.0). 5.) Regenerative discharge with high power Since now I have not found out how to set up regenerative discharge with more then 8 or 10 amps. I think I made it once but do not remember how and can not reproduce it. So please allow regenerative discharge per default up to 40 Amps also. Please describe this feature more detailed in the manual. 6.) TVC voltage - more flexibility Please allow more flexibility for lowering the TVC voltage. E. g. for Lipos the lowest TVS value is 4.18 volt. Sometime I just want to cgharge my lipos only up to 4.15 volt. Also for LiFe the lowest value is to high. Please change this to allow a TVC value which is at least 0.2 volt below the nominal cell voltage for the chosen cell type (e. g. 4.0 volt for Lipos, 3.45 volt for Life) When Hyperion implements these changes this charger will be very competitive to other modern high power chargers on the market. Best Regards, Oliver

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