EOS 0606i AC/DC Charger

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Part Number: HP-EOS0606i-AD-**


Product Description

Hyperion EOS 0606i 6S 6A max CHARGER AC/DC now with STORE MODE. Integrated LBA balancer for LiPoly(3.7v), LiFePO4/A123(3.3v). Also Nicd, NiMH, and Lead-Acid charge modes. Dataport for PC software. 11v~15VDC and 100v~240V AC Inputs - Hyperion and XH Balance Multi-Adapter included for 2S to 6S packs!

Version "C" come with original HP and XH type multi adapters."C" type has LIPO and LIFE are both on same menu level as PB, NiCd and NiMH. (It was in a sub menu in "B" type)See DATASHEET for User's Manual and full details.


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