Little Monster Red 1/16 Body

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HSP has always been known for producing high-performance, rugged RC cars with quality components and excellent performance. In cooperation with Hyperion HK, HSP now welcomes you to this Special Edition lineup of cars with even greater attention to detail, fitment, styling and component choices. HSP doesn't use cheap "toy" plastic in their builds; instead you get tough, precision-molded ABS mixed with graphite, for the highest performance and durability, and aluminum or high-carbon steel in many of the high-stress components. A full line of stock and CNC upgrade components are also available, as well as stock and option bodies. The prices are low, but the power, performance and durability are high!


Part Number: A-M1618605


Product Description

Red Replacement Body for the HSP/Hyperion Little Monster 1/16 Monster Truck Also Fits all HSP Kid King 1/16 Monster Truck versions.


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