FAS-100 Telemetry AMP Sensor w/XT60 Connectors

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Part Number: FRS-FAS-100-XT


Product Description

The FrSky Amperage Sensor (FAS-100with XT60 connector) can measure Current (A), Power Consumption (mAh) and Power (W) when connected between a battery and ESC.

Current (A) and Power (W) will be displayed on the FLD-02, while Current (A) and Power Consumption (mAh) will be displayed on the DHT-U.

The FAS-100 reports Power and Power Consumption without an external voltage sensor and, in addition, can be linked together to report individual cell voltages by using the FLVS-01.



  • Measurement range: 0~100A
  • Maximum safe current: 100A
  • Sensor current consumption: 33mA
  • Update Rate: ≥1Hz
  • Dimensions: 38 x 30 x 10 mm
  • Weight: 24g (Without Connector)


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