3-Axis Pan Tilt and Roll Camera Mount System

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With over 10 years of excellence, Fat Shark is the leading brand in R/C FPV systems.


Part Number: FAS-ACC-PTRV1


Product Description

Fatshark has introduced it's new 3-Axis pan, tilt and roll Camera Mount System to go along with their revolutionary 3-Axis Trinity head tracker. Utilizing a high speed metal gear base (pan) servo and 2 high speed tilt and roll servos, the mount matches the Trinity’s rapid motion capabilities perfectly. The System comes with 2 camera mounts, one for the fatshark 600tvl CMOS (20mm) and a second for 25mm cameras such as the new fatshark 420CCD V2.


  • Size: 68 x 42 x 31 mm
  • Weight: 40g

Note: This unit does not include the camera.


Note: This unit does not include the camera.


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