LiFePO4 9.9V 1600mAh Transmitter Pack

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Part Number: HP-FG305-1600-3S


Product Description

These are LiFePO4 Transmitter Power Packs, with high-rate 3.5mm gold charge/discharge plugs, and Hyperion-style Balance For Futaba and other makes using 8-cell (9.6V) FLAT pack arrangement. Includes Safety PCM circuits to allow charging inside Transmitter, using standard wall NiMH charger.



  • TYPE: 9.9V Futaba Flat
  • Capacity: 1600mAh
  • Max Current Continuous: 8.0A
  • Max Charge Rate(4C): 4.8A
  • L x W x H(mm): 89.5 x 49.8 x 13.6
  • Weight(g): 129.7
  • Absolute Max charge rate is 4.8A
  • as this is the rating of the PCM safety chips used inside the packs.

See Manuals&Support for full specifications and usage guidelines.


See the Manuals and Support Tab for more details for full specifications and usage guidelines.


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