Hyperion 1S LiPo Charging Adapter Board for UM & JST 2.0 Batteries (6P+6P)

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Product Description

The Hyperion 1S LiPo Charging Adapter Board is designed to field charge your 1S lipos batteries. Connects to a standard charger via the 4mm bullet connectors and charge up to 12(6x2) 1S lipos in parallel. Accepts lipos with 1.25mm UMX and 2.0mm JST connectors. A must have specially for the micro heli / plane lovers using 1s LiPos.


  • 4mm bullet connectors for input
  • Charge upto 12x1S lipos (6x2) in parallel
  • 1.25 UMX & 2.0mm JST connectors

Included with the package:

  • Hyperion 1S LiPo Charging Adapter Board for UM & JST 2.0 Batteries (6P+6P) x 1



  • Input: 5V
  • Input type: 4.0mm bullet connectors
  • Output: 1.25mm UMX x 6, 2.0mm JST x 6
  • Weight: 18g



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