FPV Receiver Antenna Mount System

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Part Number: HP-FPANTMNT



Product Description

The Hyperion receiver antenna mount lets you cleanly mount your receiver antenna at the optimal 45 degree vertical diversity orientation for maximum range and rf signal. This FPV receiver mount can be taped or glued on any flat surface or turned around and clipped on to multi rotors frame edge. The antenna tubes supplied with the receiver mount can be cut to any length.

If you are looking a secure safe way to vertically mount your antennas on small quadcopter frames then look no further!


  • Dual mounting options, for flat or edge mounting
  • Optimal 45deg vertical mounting for increased diversity
  • Tube length: 100mm

Included in the package:

  • 1 mount
  • 1 side mounting tape



  • Weight: 3grams
  • Size: 30x14mm
  • Tube length: 100mm


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