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Cessna O-1 Bird Dog 25e-class launched

The Cessna Bird Dog was developed in 1949 as the result of the US Army searching for an all-metal aircraft that would serve as an observation and liaison aircraft.

Cessna was awarded with the contract and the L-19 recieved the name Bird Dog because of it’s operational role. Later on, the Bird Dog was replaced with helicoptors for it’s role in pre-artillery reconnaissance. More peaceful uses for the Bird Dog encompassed glider towing for the Royal Canadian Air Cadets as well as Civil Air Patrol.
Hyperion is introducing a Cessna Bird Dog in the summer of 2008. it is a 25e class model like our Cub 25e. The 25e models are easy to transport and low cost to operate, yet with great flying capabilities.

Keep an eye out for the new Cessna O-1 Bird Dog – it’s coming during the fall of 2008!

July 28, 2008
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